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The mission of the Booster Club is to support, promote LHSbuildingand coordinate LHS activities; to promote cooperation and understanding between the school, families, and community; to promote school spirit; and to act in an advisory capacity to the administration and individual sports and activities at LHS.

What the Booster Club does:

The Booster club is comprised of voting representatives from 26 school activities listed at the left.  Each activity may have up to four voting members, preferably one from each grade.


Gym4 1-4-08These representatives coordinate volunteers, purchases and fundraising for their activity.  They communicate booster news to other parents of their activity.  At least one representative from each activity attends the monthly meeting.  Representatives also submit an annual budget and nominate students to be selected for feature fotos.


Funds for our Booster support primarily come from three sources:  the Presidents’ Bowl, the Red, White and Blue Club, and individual activity fundraisers.

The Presidents’ Bowl is a cooperative effort between the Sioux Falls Public High Schools.  It raises funds through events including a football double header, basketball tournament and 5k run.  Go To Page

The Red, White and Blue Club _IMM8223is comprised of individuals and businesses who donate funds.  All amounts are appreciated! Go To Page

Individual Activity Fundraisers are coordinated by Booster Representatives.

All Booster activities volunteer for the Presidents’ Bowl events.  Funds are distributed to activities based on allocation percentages.  A committee of representatives determines these percentages and periodically reconsiders them.  The executive committee may designate additional monies from the general fund for allocation.

_IMF2549The general fund of the Booster Club also supports Academic Recognition, Patriot Pride program and The Foyer Feature Fotos.




ALL are welcome to attend the booster club meetings!


  • Come!
  • Connect with Parents!
  • Become informed!
  • Volunteer!




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  1. How refreshing to see a patriotic HS Marching Band! My daughter’s best friend is moving to attend your HS and live with her aunt. She is recruiting our whole family to move there as well. We may just do it!

  2. I was very excited to see the class of 1966 reunion took place last week. Does anyone have information or contacts for those of us in the class of ’67 who would like to do the same? Many of us are out of Sioux Falls by now with few contacts left in the city.

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